Final Fantasy - Re-Retroview  

Definitely not Final.
by kupomogli

Moderate - Hard
10 - 12 hours


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   While Dragon Warrior was the first game to ever revolutionize the console gaming world, as it was the first RPG. When Final Fantasy came along, they took the ideas that the game had, and literally perfected them in every single way, creating the basis to the modern RPG you see now days.

   Back in the day, you never saw huge storylines in an RPG, but although it seemed like there wasn't much of a storyline, there really was, in which you collected information by talking to all the townspeople and retalking to them once you defeated a certain area. The storyline is about four warriors of light who show up, each carrying an orb which once shown with brightness. Although, the four elements of the world are being drained by an evil, where the light warriors show up in which is told in the prophecy.

10 feet away.  I missed. 10 feet away. I missed.

   You start choosing four different characters; Fighter, Thief, Blackbelt, Redmage, Whitemage, and Blackmage, in which each of these characters will upgrade to another class later in the game. Each character can only equip specific items, others only purchasing specific spells. During a battle, a unique feature is that once an enemy is defeated, the party doesn't switch to the next enemies like you'll see in games now days. If an enemy is defeated and another character attacks or uses a spell on that enemy, then the attack or spell is rendered inneffective, which forces you to remember the HP of the enemies in which you are fighting and how much damage you usually take. Spells however are a bit different as long as they're not single enemy spells, where as most attacking spells other than the first version of it attacks all enemies, but instead, you have elemental damage, which plays another big part in the game, and if you like magic users, you'll have to remember this stuff too. Spells are unique however, as you have eight different spell levels. You start at level one spells, and each point you have under that level means you can cast a spell once, where leveling up will get you more MP and higher spell levels.

   The graphics when they came out were some of the best graphics the Nintendo has ever seen, and actually so good, most were reused for the second title. Attack and spell effects were allies walking forward a bit, swinging a weapon or shooting a colored fire, and the enemy or enemies getting hit, and even so, nothing like that has ever been seen before this game, and even afterwards too we'd all just see a flash of light and then damage recieved. The music is some of the best Nobuo Uematsu has ever composed, so good infact that a few tracks are redone and added into the rest of the series. Localization was fine too, although there are only a few spaces allowed to put names, and equipment when having too long of a name was shortened down into abbreviated words sometimes, but nothing that really ruined the game.

   Although this isn't the first RPG, I doubt RPG's would be what they are today if this title never came out. If you ever come across an original copy of this title you might want to pick it up, to see where RPG's really originated from.

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