Final Fantasy - Screen Shots
08.26.2004 GBA Screens
The Temple of Chaos A shop Fighting Garland
Teaching some imps who's boss Fighting a madpony ...and a wolf
A magic shop Bonus dungeon? A black mage casting a thunder spell
Bridge scene Man down! Lined up on the bridge
Throne room Approaching Garland Talking
More talking ..even MORE talking A church
Final Fantasy title screen A black mage casting a fire spell Outside the Titan's Cave
Hmm, I think I'll play some Final Fantasy Or maybe I'll read over some monster information Nah, lets play Final Fantasy II
Menu screen Cornelia Inn Main Final Fantasy 1 & 2 Advance title screen
A collapsed bridge The town of Cornelia Some random tunnel
Cornelia throne room Talking to a stone creature Outside the Temple of Chaos
Entrance to the Temple of Chaos Weapons shop More Garland smashing
Talking to a...well Pretty sunset Initial starting point
Class changed characters with uber levels
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