by Adriaan den Ouden
Onion Knight
Name: Onion Knight (Ingus???)
Hometown: Castle Sasune???
Origin: Final Fantasy III
Weapon: Swords, Daggers, Rods, Staves, Throwing Weapons
Specialty: Combo Master
Fun Fact: Wanted to be the Ice Cream Knight, but was told he had to finish his vegetables first.

While it cannot be determined for certain just who the Onion Knight is, his hair and costume coloring suggest that he is, in fact, Ingus. The Onion Knight was one of four Warriors of Light, much like his counterpart of the same name. Their mission was simple, but lofty: save the world from being overtaken by the Cloud of Darkness.

Despite his youth, the Onion Knight is a dangerous competitor. What he lacks in power, he makes up for in speed. With his only competitors being Tidus and Zidane, his ability to nimbly dart around the battlefield is coupled with a wide variety of attacks, almost all of which lead to devastating combos.

His melee strikes are quick and numerous, striking as many as a dozen times before he backs away to regroup. Likewise, he has several magical assaults available to him, each of which can be comboed into more powerful versions. Several of his skills also have chase effects attached to them.

Onion Knight's EX-Mode is also one of the most unique of Cosmos's ten warriors. Depending on whether he's using physical or magical attacks, the Onion Knight will switch between the Sage and Ninja job classes. Each class boosts its respective strengths, making magical and physical attacks more powerful. Onion Knight is also the only warrior with two EX-Burst skills. As a Sage, he'll cast the devastating Holy spell, while as a Ninja, he'll throw its ultimate weapon: the shuriken.

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