by Adriaan den Ouden
Name: Gabranth
Hometown: Landis
Origin: Final Fantasy XII
Weapon: Swords, Daggers, Greatswords
Specialty: EX Mode
Fun Fact: Nearly had his own daytime television show, but producers decided his sentences were too violent for "The People's Court."

Judge Gabranth of the Archadian Empire is one of several elite warriors who played a major role in the conflict between Archades and Rozarria over dominion of Ivalice. His efforts were paramount in the occupation of both Nabradia and Dalmasca, but his allegiance to the empire was ultimately shattered by the reappearance of his brother, Basch von Ronsenburg.

Although Gabranth is neutral in the current conflict between Chaos and Cosmos, he unquestionably has one of the most unusual fighting styles on both sides. Beginning each fight without his trademark helmet, Gabranth is incapable of dealing HP damage to his opponent. Although he has several bravery attacks at his disposal, his sole HP attack simply charges his EX gauge.

Once full, however, the helmet comes on and the gloves come off. Gabranth's entire arsenal of attacks completely change. He gains a wider range of bravery attacks as well as several powerful HP attacks. Because of this, Gabranth's entire strategy relies on grabbing every EX Core that appears on the battlefield, as well as getting enough distance to charge his EX Gauge safely. Once he enters EX Mode, he takes the offensive to hopefully destroy his opponent.

Unlike most fighters, however, Gabranth's EX Mode only has a singular effect aside from granting him new abilities: it strengthens his stats, granting him more powerful blows and an easier time defeating his opponent. His EX Burst, Quickening, works much like quickenings did in Final Fantasy XII, allowing him to rapidly select additional moves until the timer runs out.

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