Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken - Screen Shots
10.04.2003 Official screens
Serra's stats Giant sphere of doom Dorcas' screens
One inch punch Talking in a castle Talking in the den
Flolina's stats Guy's stats Hectors stats
Jaffar's stats Planning an evil plot? Leyvan's stats
Jumping strike! Linus' Stats Faceplant
Loyd's stats En guard! Luise's stats
That thing is bigger then me! Matthew's stats Ninian's stats
Sparkle attack Osin's stats Pant's stats
I stated this with one match Priscilla's stats Look up there!
Rebacca's stats Sain's stats This is gonna hurt
05.14.2003 E3 Screens
Big axe Flashing attack Part 1: The Encounter
Part 2: The Approach Part 3: The Attack Part A: You there
Part B: Get over here! Part C: Or I'll strike ye with power I'd like a crossbow...
...So I can attack this brute... ...With an energy bolt? More flashy attacks
Yes, I really do look this good It's raining, it's pouring, the people are a-fighting Non-confidential personal info
More battles in the rain One of those castle things
04.04.2003 More screens, whee.
Ooo, *drools*. Battle conversation. A domed storage room?
Archery practice. Cleaving. Osin and Hector talk it out.
Cavalry charge! Ice attack. Far attack.
Flying dragoon attack! Chatting away. Too much talking, not enough fighting!
In the middle of a melee. Idle town chattering.
02.15.2003 First Screens The Magic Box
"What did you say? It's decaf?!" Character Stats for a scary lookin' guy "Don't look at the camera!"
"Oh no, Angel Grove is under attack!"
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