Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken - Artwork
10.04.2003 Official screens
Bartr Canas Ephdel
Fiora Hawkeye Heath
Jaffar Leyvan Linus
Loyd Luise Nergal
Nils Nino Pant
Priscilla Ruth Ruthea
Serra Sonia Wallace
05.14.2003 High quality E3 artwork
Lin Matthew Sain Uma
Eliwood Group shot
04.04.2003 The cast.
Dorcas Flolina Guy
Hector Matthew Ninian
Osin Rebacca Sain
Lin Eliwod
02.15.2003 First Art The Magic Box
A guy in ornate armor Obviously the hero Obviously the hero's cheeky sidekick
This dog's bite is much worse than it's bark An elven person concentrating Looks pretty determined
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