Dragon Quest Monsters 2 - Screen Shots
08.10.2001 Cobi's Journey Shots  
It's purple, and it's following me Going shopping Approaching the well
It came from the hole A door leading to nowhere? Talking in a cottage
Again with the door to nowhere! Looking out over the bow Desert inn
Open-air chapel Another inn Pay the man
For a desert, there's sure a lot of plants The lone bush Walking along the mountains
Combing the desert Movin' south There's sure a lot of desert
What's with all the leaves? Finally, out of the desert DOH
I feel like I'm going in circles I AM going in circles! Ok, found a different town
I found something! Rocky river A Bug!
More cottage talk End of the road  
06.03.2001 US Release Shots  
Cobi on a ship Outside the beach house On the docks
In a castle Nice weather Land Ho!
I guess I'll go down At the water's edge In a battle
Outside the inn Tara and her followers Fight, skill, or guard?
Near a river PerlGel cast upper! Island map
More people at the water's edge Icy cavern Mummies!
Hey! Aren't you dead already? In a cabin Battle with the dead captain
Rent-a-wreck sounds about right Sure, why not Nice bay window
In the desert You mean I'm star material?! Another battle
In the sewers That's an interesting building I sure don't see many books
03.20.2001 Another Look  
In a palace About to buy stuff Buying stuff
Buying MORE stuff Area Map Talking
Crossing a bridge Wandering the forest Talking in the bar
Meeting at the well A locked door Crossing another bridge
A wooded room Entrance to a building Talking to an elder
At the well again Beach-front property Inside the house
Talking at the table Across the bridge Beach
Walkin' through the forest Forest monsters Is it safe?
More forest monsters Talking at the table again The key store!
Buy the key? Buy a silver key? Underground
In a palace Water monsters A pink chamber
Walking around the palace Buying more stuff I just can't decide
I think we're getting warmer In the mountains Mountain monsters
A bee Silly monsters Mean lookin' monsters
More meanies In the tropics Wandering the tropics
And more monsters Even MORE monsters Monster menu
In the fields Pay 200G? Near the ocean
Man, there's a lot of monsters Talking in the study In the desert
Ooo... swirly thing A stand-off An altar
Monster, monsters everywhere So let's all have a drink In a building
A monster's status These guys just don't quit You Win!
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Menu 10    
01.24.2001 First Screens  
Exploring underground A tiny island  
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