Eidos and Enix present Dragon Warrior Monsters

Doesn't everyone enjoy catching hundreds of monsters?

By Dan Calderman

       Doest thou bethink the days of olde? Remember the hours and hours spent fighting all of the vile beasts that inhabited the kingdom of Alefgard? Fighting your way through the legions of minions controlled by the evil DragonLord? There were hundreds of monsters in the Dragon Warrior series, including everyone's favorite, the beloved slime. Now, all of these beasts have returned--but this time, they're bigger, badder, and...friendlier.

Great color palette
Great color palette

       Eidos, publisher of games such as Final Fantasy 7 PC and Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, has teamed up with Enix, developer of many great RPGs, including their famous Dragon Warrior series, to release Dragon Warrior Monsters for the GameBoy Color. The title features your classic Dragon Warrior battle system and even makes good use of the GameBoy Color's 256 color palette.

       As the player, you will take on the role of Terry. Terry's sister has just been kidnapped by a monster and fled to the kingdom of GreatTree, and of course, your job is to rescue her. Upon arriving in the kingdom of GreatTree, Terry speaks with the King and he agrees to help. However, he will only do so if Terry becomes a Monster Master and wins the Starry Night Tournament. The task is truly much easier said than done, as Terry will be drawn into a long journey with many, many battles ahead of him.

The King
That's the King

       Within the kingdom of GreatTree, Terry will fight against other Monster Masters in the Arena, where he can work his way through seven classes, or ranks. Upon fighting through these seven classes, all of the Traveler Gates will then be accessible, and Terry will be able to travel to the Mystic Worlds. These Mystic Worlds are where Terry is able to battle, capture and train his monsters, however, traveling through the Mystic Worlds is also the only way to reach the Starry Night Tournament.

       To begin the game and start working towards accomplishing the daunting task before you, the King of GreatTree gives you only one monster, an old critter named Hale. There are a total of two hundred monsters, all in nine unique families: the Beast, Devil, Bird, Bug, Plant, Zombie, Dragon, Material, and of course, Slime Family. In a battle, Terry can actually control three monsters at once, but those three are the only ones he may have with him at any given time. Terry can, of course, capture the monsters he comes across, but he can also breed monsters together. What would be the purpose of breeding monsters, you may ask? Simple: the baby of two monsters will have the skills from both of its parents, and bred monsters can both evolve faster, and attain higher levels than their tamed counterparts.

A lovely home

       Enix has definitely created an enjoyable game with Dragon Warrior Monsters, which will hopefully receive the recognition it deserves. The game is a little more serious than other titles of this type, but, unfortunately for the hard-core Dragon Warrior fans, the Old English medieval type dialogue has been removed. Nonetheless, it still is a very promising title which will keep many happy trying to catch and train all of the two hundreds Dragon Warrior monsters that we all know and love. Due out January 25th from Eidos and Enix on the GameBoy Color, this is one any creature catcher won't want to pass up.

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