Deus Ex: The Invisible War - Screen Shots
10.26.2003 Official Screens
Are my retinas burning? I'm gonna take this thing out with a pistol!? Red means shoot
It's can't see me when I'm blue and wireframe I'm guessing this is an alien Toss a gernade and this happens
The Roswell aliens were hiding here all along Too late to catch his flight You'd think he's do more then groan
Sniper time What would he need the master code for? No chaingun feet on this one
He's lasooing a lazer Better duck He's a bit outgunned
Wow these holograms are getting more and more realistic Sneaking around at night Searching....searching......
What did we do before head shots? Who's gonna win? Is that a gas mask
Firefight with automatic weapons What lazers do to a body This meeting is about to go wrong
Destroy Sak? that sounds bad Searching by the galleria Would the troublemaker be me?
Good thing he's invisible A view to kill Feeling green
The sound effect one makes when they get hit a taser Return of the robot with the chaingun feet
05.30.2003 Yummy gameplay screens
PC: Pretty exploding monsters. PC: What accurate lighting, geez. PC: Since when did scopes have scanlines?
PC: Super sneaky shooting. PC: That kid looks REAL. PC: What, are you blowing up vermin?
PC: "I'm innocent!" That's what they all say. PC: Checkmate. PC: At least you managed to shoot first.
PC: Strange that it hasn't noticed you yet. PC: Whoops, I spoke too soon! PC: Hey, those things were in the first game!
PC: Right on target. Xbox: Truly bringing out the big guns. Xbox: Naughty hologram! *spanks*
Xbox: The guard is so intent on his job. Xbox: Yay for Seattle! Xbox: THAT IS GOOD SHADOWING.
Xbox: Does that robot have chainguns for feet? Xbox: That guy's hands are giving me bad thoughts. Xbox: Well, we ARE pretty meaty, afterall.
Xbox: Ono, fart gas! Xbox: A guard ambles to his post. Xbox: Pretty accurate for a middle-east location.
Xbox: Not much happening here. Xbox: They really are chaingun feet!
05.09.2003 First Screens, Both Versions Gaming Horizon, Gamespot
Just chillin' Hee hee... there's a footprint on her forehead In the shadows
A hallway When you gotta work out, you just gotta do it Obviously in Cairo
They don't like people What did we do before crosshairs? That guy again
A Cairo café? I'll take 'em all! Standing around, looking cool
Likewise Stalking Defusing a bomb?
And scared you should be Why play games when you can make 'em? Wireframe
Big shadow In some fiendish hideout Now that's a cold shoulder
12:7 An unsuspecting scientist The future hasn't eliminated the need for pylons
Pillars and soldier The same, from a different angle You can always expect full coverage from RPGamer
Maybe a girl will spruce things up? Hmm... what if she were naked? Ha ha, gotcha! To jail with you!
Shade #46: Technology green That's the logic behind the Xbox's colors The green, I mean
Try shooting the light out Complicated apparatus Those guys again!
Wearing a green vest "Holosheet in" An empty table
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