Deus Ex: The Invisible War - Artwork
10.26.2003 Official Artwork
Flying raptor The good doctors Vacumes of the future
Flying lazer beam robot Our hero Big bad robots
05.09.2003 Bestiary and More
A squid-like robot A fish Always time for a little cleaning
Fur and steel are a potent combination A doberman... kinda Ew
Feathers, now Ahh, labels He looks like he's taking it easy
Quite the mess A city scene Spiderbot! Spiderbot!
I know what I'm gonna wear to my prom... Subtle political hints It's a what? An assault gun
No, wait. I should wear that to my prom Dammit, Jim! More 'bots
Looks like the Klingon emblem from here... And last, but not at all least...
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