Chocobo Dungeon 2 - Retroview

Chocobo and Mog, in their own RPG
By: kupomogli

Review Breakdown
   Battle System 4
   Interaction 4
   Originality 3
   Story 3
   Music & Sound 2
   Visuals 5
   Challenge Moderate - Hard
   Completion Time 12 - 30 hours  

Chocobo Dungeon 2

Everybody loves the Chocobos from the Final Fantasy series, in which Squaresoft created a spin-off of the series in a turn based dungeon crawler, called Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon. They released a second, which was released to the US in 1999 as Chocobo's Dungeon 2.

Chocobo and Mog are traveling in hopes to find treasure. They come across a mysterious dungeon and find that others are on the island as well, in which they find new friends, and more treasure.

The battle system is a turn based dungeon crawler, in which your allies take a turn, and then the enemies. Chocobo can only attack from one space away, but can also use spells, which are cast using magic books, but disappear after a single cast. Also, every floor besides a few in each dungeon are generated randomly, making each time you playthrough a dungeon different.

During your search through a mysterious dungeon, you will find claws and saddles for Chocobo, with the addition of being able to combine them and get greater stats. Chocobo will also get many different kinds of ability feathers, which range from letting Chocobo use different spells when using a spellbook, to calling summon monsters to help you fight. You can get a few summon feathers outside the dungeons, but using high leveled claws and saddles of different types until they break is really the only way of completing the collection of feathers.

Feel the wrath of Ramuh!!
Feel the wrath of Ramuh!!

The graphics to the game are excellent with a good amount of detail on each character, as well as the town and each dungeon you go through. Localization during the game is also very good, and you won't find many, if any, errors throughout your entire playthrough. However, the music in the game is average, and while it's good background music for when you're playing, you won't ever want to just sit there and listen to it.

Overall, If you're one of those people who have played Azure Dreams or Torneko: the Last Hope and liked them, then you'll really enjoy this game. It's a really good game and even though beating the game doesn't take that long, finishing all the secret dungeons once you beat the game in order to get the secret ending, as well as collecting all the feathers, will take a good deal of time.

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