Chrono Trigger - Digital Music
Original Composition by Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu
Ayla's Theme Det
Battle Theme Altima
Battle Theme ~ (2)
Battle Theme 2 (Unreleased Track) Mune
Battle Theme 2 (Unreleased Track) ~ (Remix) Mune
Battle Theme 2 (Unreleased Track) ~ (NES Style Remix) Mune
Battle With Magus Valius
Battle with Magus ~ (2) MiraiTrunks
Bike Chase Zack Elle
The Black Omen De
Boss Theme Valius
Boss Theme ~ (2) Karri P
The Brink of Time Joe W.
The Brink of Time ~ (2) MiraiTrunks
The Brink of Time ~ (3) Blackganon
Epoch: Wings That Cross Time Dark_Elf
Frog Valius
Guardia Castle Blackganon
Guardia Castle ~ (2) Cloak
Guardia Millennial Fair Dermot
Guardia Millenial Fair ~ (Remix) DjLizard
The Hidden Truth Valius
Lab 16 Ruins De
Lab 16 Ruins ~ (Remix) Nintendo Guru
Lavos' Theme Mirai Trunks
The Legendary Battle The Child of War
Manoria Cathedral - Spaced Out Mix Freak Child
Manoria Cathedral Erdrick
Mystery of the Past Valius
Overworld 600 A.D. Vector
Overworld 1000 A.D. - Theme A -
Overworld 1000 A.D. - Theme A - ~ (Remix) Altima
Overworld 1000 A.D. - Theme B - Colin Kok
Overworld 1000 A.D. - Theme B - ~ (2) Erdrick
A Prayer to the Road That Leads Erdrick
Primative Mountain Blackganon
Schala Vector
Schala ~ (2) Joe W.
Schala ~ (3) Mirai Trunks
Secret of the Forest Colin Kok
Secret of the Forest ~ (2) Crono
Secret of the Forest ~ (3) Joe W.
Silent Light Colin Kok
Silent Light ~ (2) Joe W.
Singing Mountain (Unreleased track)
Singing Mountain (Unreleased Track) ~ (2) Walter Freeman
Singing Mountain (Unreleased Track) ~ (3) MiraiTrunks
Singing Mountain (Unreleased Track) ~ (NES Style Remix) MiraiTrunks and
Time Circuits Pete G.
Time Circuits ~ (Remix) ]V[arshmallow
Tyrano Cave DarkCecil
Tyrano Cave ~ (Remix) Erdrick
Undersea Palace Erdrick
Wind Scene Yakra
Wind Scene ~ (2) Vector
World Revolution Karri
World Revolution ~ (Remix) TheJadeMonkey
The Black Omen Terha Uzyn
The Black Omen ~ (Remix) Amstrocity
The Brink of Time Erdrick
"Consequence" features Balthasaar and the Brink of Time. Amstrocity
Frog ~ (Remix) Terha Uzyn
"A Future of Desolation" features many very well done arrangements. Amstrocity
Magus Amstrocity
Magus ~ (Remix) Terha Uzyn
"Palace of the Sun Stone" features the Manoria Cathedral and Sun Stone theme. Amstrocity
Robo Terha Uzyn
Silent Light Terha Uzyn
Time Circuit Terha Uzyn
Trial ~ (Remix) Amstrocity
To Far Away Times Terha Uzyn
To Good Friends Terha Uzyn
Trails of Enlightened Ones remixes Time Circuits, Schala's Theme and Ocean Palace. Amstrocity
Undersea Palace Terha Uzyn
Wind Scene
World Revolution ~ (Remix) Terha Uzyn
"Yon Veiled Queen of Zeal" is a powerful remix of Queen Zeal's Theme. Amstrocity
Ayla Interceptor
Belthasar Kokuwanchi
Delightful Spekkio Jim G.
First Festival of Star Koku
Gato Interceptor
Lucca Koku
Magus Mr. Z
Robo Zeshin
Ruined World Koku
To Good Friends Koku
Wind Scene Interceptor
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