Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance - Screen Shots
08.22.2002 Even More Screens  
Tossing the axe around Ducking behind a ledge Watching the "wildlife" pass by
"Darn those annoying candles!" HOT HOT HOT! A crystalline corridor
Taking the elevator Watch out for the phantom! Select your data
Feather Demon? Jeust is running for his life Those are some ugly bats
Juste versus a Skull Knight DUCK! Maxim has something to say
Dashing Throwing a knife The prologue
Now Juste has something to say Feel the power A whip versus a massive sword
Juste has many weapons in his arsenal Watch out for blue crystals Juste must be scared of machines
Rain of darts The medusa head follows Juste marels at the glowing yellow magic
More fire Enter your name Putting the whip to good use
Where is this witch? Run run or you'll be well done! Hurling some stars're throwing that the wrong way... Another impressive looking boss "Holy Bible Attack!"
Maxim injured in the rain    
06.28.2002 E3 Demo Screens Kupomogli
Speaking with death Casting a spell There are too many of them!
Fighting a boss Giving off a healing aura File selection menu
05.19.2002 More Screens GameSpot
En garde! The familiar relief of the entrance hall Juste works up a cantrip whilst fiery slopes highlight a crimson skyline
Juste dismantles another skeleton creature It's go time... Justs knew he left his car keys somewhere
02.21.2002 First Screens The Madman's Cafe
Riding the pendulums Coming full circle Juste talks about Liddy
No whip puns today! Streaks of flame Maxim natters on
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