Boktai - Screen Shots
01.11.2004 Lookie! Screenshots!
Object of the Game Testing: 1, 2, 3. Timeset
Warning Title Screen Charging Outdoors
Kinda Obvious... Charging Indoors Confused Zombie
Killing a Crow Sun Setting Soon? Hiding From a Zombie
Confused Puddles No More Puddles Fiery Trap
Need to Sneak By... Daylight Monsters Nightfall Monsters
Not Exactly Pyreflies I See You! Name Entry
Difficulty Setting Where Am I? Look Who's Here
Certain Death: That Way. Time Until Sunrise Sunlight Required
08.24.2003 More Screens
In English! w00t! I don't think they'll let you take that on the plane Pretty resolution
No sunlight..power stuff Big snake Walking on huge gelatin cubes
Reserved solar power #s! Sucks to you
Sam Ficher would be proud Run! Multi-player action! Trading items via multi-player More items
Cancer machine Solar bank *evil deep voice* Daaaark Looooan!
Mmm..I feel burning Early morning Water dries up later in the day. What a concept!
I'll go with "I can't read this" Date and time Enter your location
Morning fog? The flower talks. Uh, creative. I can imagine an anvil!
Don't look down Get the Raid The flower winked!
To the solar tree! Don't piss the flower off On the edge
Nice bit of privacy, eh? Preparing to zap the vampire
14.05.2003 E3 Screens
The tree, in light Night Noon
Twilight A boss battle, by the looks In the woods
Step carefully! Now to cool down Always a good place to fight a vampire
That's quite the luggage You again? Do it. You know you want to.
It rusts? Shame! Good to know
Tight space Django sees the light At least he's polite
The fight's on More coffin lugging More lava
Do snowmen suck blood? Puzzles? Me smrt enuff don wery Boom!
02.26.2003 First Screens
A castle in the mist Setting the time The sun rises
A spooky mansion Let the light shine through The mist thickens
I better hurry before these gates close A serene tree
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