Breath of Fire IV - Screen Shots
05.16.2000 E3 Screens Source: Capcom
Meeting with a dragon Casting a spell A sandship approaches
A long fall A powerful blast  
04.05.2000 Even More Screens Source: Magicbox
Globes of fire Bolts of electricity Lava flow
A dangerous opponent? A huge plant attacks Battle on a bridge
Fighting an elephant    
03.21.2000 New Screens
An airship dock? The peaceful forest Standing post
At the docks It's a dragon! Is that a...crab?
Flame on! A mountain pass Nina speaks!
Cornered... Normal town life "Does he know where we're going?"
Pleasant looking town Look at all of the green! "Put down the knife!"
An airship! " that?!" "I sure hope it isn't mad..."
Sommoning something... Some type of Goddess? And her attack!
The Aura Dragon! Summoning him, still... And he attacks!
02.10.2000 More Screens
Around a campfire An ominious statement Talking inside
Leaving a room In battle In the desert
Speaking down Preparing for battle A beautiful view
Flying in the sky Nearing a huge ship Close quarters
In town Standing and talking In a small room
More cramped quarters More talk, less screen Around another fire
10.09.1999 New Screens Source: GIA
Battling Goo's Ready to fight - 2 - 3 - 4 Fire Magic
Energy magic? Skeleton enemies In the mountains
In a village On the streets Leap of faith
In a village On the streets Leap of faith
Chatting with Cray Sunset on a mountain Going down?
Rest time - 2 By a mine? Walking around a village
A lush forest By a large crane On top of a windmill
09.09.1999 Character Gameplay Screens Source: Capcom
Ryu leaps Running into the bazaar Nina speaking to Ryu
In a marketplace Entering a town Saias attacks
On an ocean cliffside Cray strikes Master with Ryu and Cray
Master in combat    
Miscellaneous Screen Shots
Inside a room Standing on a platform In a forest
Some pillars At a dock Something emerges..
Battling in a forest A spell Fighting on a path
Early Screens (Japanese)
Battle a crab A town Close-up of characters
Battle menu Taking on a skeleton fish Battling rodents
Fire spell More fire spell In the desert
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