Breath of Fire IV - Capcom Artwork
05.16.2000 E3 Character Art and More Source: Capcom
Rasso Cray Scias
Master Fou-Lu and his pet Guards on patrol
A fortified city The village at night  
09.09.1999 More Character Art
Two trees and a boat HUGE sandworm! Overlooking the beast
Some type of dragon The Aura Dragon Aura Dragon closer-up
Flying through the sky An impressive ship Townspeople
An old man and a mole? A maid and a nun A woman at work
Various people The guards, of course A husband and wife?
Cat-woman with a horse    
09.09.1999 More Character Art Source: Capcom
Cray Cray and group Master, the robot
Master in development Nina returns Ryu
Saias Saias overlooking a windmill  
Ryu Nina  
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