Breath of Fire - Screen Shots
06.07.2001 New GBA Shots  
This might hurt Seeing double? KaPOW
I think it's bad to attack the dragon Outside a town Flying is much faster
An underwater city Gobi Pow!
Biff! Thwap! Your name is Mud
Ready to depart Outside a chapel Looking into the sky
BoF GBA Logo Heading towards a town Burning woods
04.16.2001 More BGA Screens  
Is it getting warm in here? Battle Menu Is this... an animated cut scene?
03.18.2001 3 New Screenshots Source: IGN & Capcom
Battle Outside a castle Talking in town
  6 Screenshots  
The title screen Hero's village burns to the ground Hero's village is beseiged by lightning bolts
A town has been ravished by the Dark Dragons A save spot provides sanctuary The Dragon
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