Arc the Lad: Twilight of Spirits - Screen Shots
05.30.2003 E3 Screens
The main characters. Tactics without the squares! A look of concern.
Two demons go at it.
02.16.2003 A Few More Screens The Magicbox
Can you cut these horns off please? A menu I've got you in my sight
The group together A hit Where did you come from?
A street fight You coming? A close up
We must save this baby Kharg's Story Darc's Story
01.07.2003 Additional Screens The Sugoi
Doorstep Made you look Can't bear to look
Chat at dusk Scary face Group huddle
What to read... Set up high Quiet village?
Desert architecture Aiming at a target Choices, choices...
Airship What is that? Funny hat
10.12.2002 Magazine Scans  
Locked up "Welcome to the 'secret' meeting..." Cold shoulder
Fighting the little people    
07.02.2002 More screens The Magic Box
Up in the air He's got a sword! Boxes and people
Pretty woman Ready to attack Looking through some doors
At the beach Training ninjas Chit-chat outside
Long-haired guy Li'l' boy screams! Machine gun fire
Red-haired lady speaks Lots of people Another red-haired lady
Red circles, oh my! Flying bugs Lots of people and a blue circle
06.04.2002 Arc the Lad PS2- 17 screens The Magic Box
Discussing the weather In Taberna Shiny things go Boom
Icy things go Schchhrllch And then there's shooting people in the face Arc the Raver
Signs of lead poisoning Glowing means bad Flamboyant consideration
Believe it or not, that's a guy Him, too Jogging
Kharg Lillia Paulet
Desolate Farmstead 101 Enchanted Forest Hideout 102
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