Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor - Screen Shots
04.07.2005 Late screens
Weathered castle Dragon's lair Ruins hidden in the forest
Casting magic Dance, fire! Not for the weak stomach
01.13.2000 Spells and More
Charm Person Entangle Firestorm
Heal Wounds Protection From Evil Repulsion
Enmesh A ruined shrine  
12.30.2000 Even More Screens
Creepy monsters A dark room Lightning
Lightning Trap    
09.19.2000 More Screens
Blue Light Fire! Disintegrate
08.02.2000 First Look
Fighting Ormyrrs Battle over a chasm A cramped room
Dungeon battle Stairway battle Big battle
Magic ball Fight in a glade A dungeon fight
Hall of heroes Another battle A meeting
Fighting Dragon-kin Studying something Magic attack
In a tower chamber Round chamber battle New menu system
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