Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance - PS2 Screen Shots
01.06.2002 We got yer screenshots right here
Enter Inner Keep At least Intestinal Fortitude is maxed out Descent into the pit of water
A save point Character traits Roaming a dirt path
Short stocky dwarf The ice plains of the far north Oh baby
Wandering aimlessly Dinner time With a cool, dry wit like that, I could be an action hero
Surrounded by nothingness Walking through sewers Waterspout
Funny lizard dude Monster slayer Lots of hallways
Choice of weapons Armor-clad warrior Lizard in the marshland
The dark tower The dark tower aflame Familiar names
At the local pub You don't want to know Before the tavern
Crowded night streets Slaughter  
03.08.2001 Misc. Screenshots Source: IGN, Black Isle
A Dwarf character The Dwarf's wire-frame A Female Elf
Your average kind of guy And his wire-frame Female Elf's wire-frame
A nice group shot Complete with wire-frame! More Characters
A bartender? I wouldn't trust him Just a little overkill
An ugly ogre An ugly Bugbear Yup, still ugly
Bringing backup? Can I keep him? Who wants to pet the kitty?
Little John Jell-O? AAHH!!! Big Spider!
Brass Golem A Minotaur ready to tackle It's the Deadites!
A cool white dragon A small pack of Wolves Shrine of Suffering? How quaint
Yeah, you can heal me Let's do some shopping I could use a bow
This would be nice to have On second thought... Yeti!!!
Shouldn't this be ice? C'mon! Don't run away! What a place to level up...
More ice! What about the ROUS'? Rodents of Unusual Size?
I don't think they exist Then what's that! Just a big spider
You there! No splashing! You too! That's it! Out of the pool!
The Crawling Eye? Must be... Beam me up!
A small landing Seen from above The bar is open!
Nice Town Falling is bad Uh, nice bridge
I hate traps Who's next? Nice 'n Toasty!
Flamer I'm all alone... Just jumpin' along
More rats?! Outta my way! Surrounded!
Even more rats?! Die spiders! Rats and Crystal
Level up! Burning Hands? Another flamer
'lil flame Big Boom Big Burning Arrow
mmm... Fire... Fire and Water Charge!
I smite thee! And burn thee! Pretty
Eek Burning Arrow
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