Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time  
Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

The popular animated franchise gets an action RPG adaptation

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· PS4

· A+ Games

Bandai Namco Japan
Bandai Namco US
Bandai Namco Europe

  Release Date  
11.30.2017 Japan
2018 US
2018 Europe
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·Little Witch Academia Set for May Release 03.16.2018  
·New Five-Minute Trailer for Little Witch Academia 10.24.2017  
·Little Witch Academia Opens the Chamber of Time 10.03.2017  
·Trailer Shows Life of a Little Witch in Academia 09.07.2017  
·Bandai Namco Brings New Title, Videos to Gamescom 08.18.2017  
·Little Witch Academia Adds More Playable Characters 08.08.2017  
·Little Witch Academia Investigates the Chamber of Time 07.19.2017  

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