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"We can be heroes... just for one day."

"Heroes" by David Bowie

Gone are the days of make-believe. Towel capes, paper plate masks, a smarmy catch-phrase — you get the gist. Heroes now have far more difficult challenges than simply fighting whatís in their backyard, with threats of the apocalypse, attempting to prevent the end of the world, while still also trying to capture the heart of a fair mate.

Everyone who loves RPGs loves a good hero or heroine. Not every hero on our list is a world saver, but their role as the protagonist is still just as valuable. Some are gods, avatars, super spies, and others are merely pure of heart attempting acts of kindness. A hero can be defined in a variety of ways, and the goal of this feature was to showcase a bunch of unique heroes and heroines who were memorable to the staff. This isnít a "best heroes" list, merely our favourites. We encourage readers to share some of their most memorable heroes and heroines in the comments.

Author's Note: Huge thank you goes out to the staff for their wonderful write-ups, and to Sarah McGarr for the awesome banner. You guys are amazing!

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