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Sam Wachter

Note: Potential Spoilers for Dragon Age Inquisition ahead.

I am a huge Dragon Age fangirl, and it's something I've never been shy about. Most people love the story, the gameplay, the music, but me? I always gotta know about who my friends were romancing. Strange as it is, the power to choose a romantic partner in BioWare games has always been appealing to me, and Inqusition was no exception. Considering the eclectic choices within Dragon Age Inqusition, I challenge RPGamer staff members and friends of the staff to share a bit about their Inqusitor in the form of a dating profile. Some people chose to share who they romanced in the end, others took it a completely different direction, writing it as something you'd share on OKCupid. Some chose to write in the first person, others in third, each bearing a bit of their Inqusitor's personality, and who they had their heart set on. We hope you have a swoon-worthy Valentine's Day, and we'd love to know who you romanced in Dragon Age: Inqusition on our forums.

Character Name: Suzuka Lavellan
Played by: Steve Brezenoff
Race & Class: Female Dalish Elf, Rogue
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Suzuka is an archer and artificer. On the battlefield, her dream shot is to line up five baddies and get them all with one flaming arrow, nice and clean-like. But if she has to send an explosive arrow into the crowd surrounding that self-satisfied snob Cassandra, that works too. When she finds the time for a break from the action, you'll find her with her feet up and a glass of Vint-9 Rowan's Rose. If she doesn't leave an arrow in your eye hole, maybe she'll ask you to join her some evening.

Suzuka is fond of Varric, and even Solas when he's down from his high horse. Sister Liliana intrigues her in spite of all that Andraste clap-trap, but it's Sera that she keeps an eye on. If the two of them can survive a wicked pissing contest, they just might hit it off.

Steve Brezenoff is the author of young adult novels Guy in Real Life; The Absolute Value of -1; and Brooklyn, Burning, as well as dozens of chapter books for younger readers. He grew up on Long Island, spent his twenties in Brooklyn, and now lives in Minneapolis with his wife, Beth, who is also a writer for children, and their children Sam and Etta.

Character Name: Caine, "His Inquisitorialness" Lavellan
Played by: Kiki
Race & Class: Male Dalish Elf, Double Dagger Rogue
Alignment: Chaotic Good

My self summary: I'm only filling this out because I'd rather the information be closer to the truth than whatever story Varric would tell. If I left it to him ... well, I don't want to even think about what he'd invent.

(Only the best for you, Your Inquisitorialness. Although Hawke may win in a fight against you.)

I'm really good at: Before all of this started, I was a hunter. A damn good one too. Now that I have the mark, I'm working towards closing the rifts. I'm not doing this because I believe I'm the Herald of Andraste. I'm just the unlucky elf who has the power to accomplish the task.

(I wouldn't say you're unlucky, Your Inquisitorialness. You met Sparkles. I've seen the way the two of you look at each other. It's given me some ideas for my next book.)

The first things people usually notice about me: Humans generally comment on my ears, as if they've never seen elven ears before. Or there's the colour of my hair. Humans talk about me being ginger, which is just foolish.

(Don't forget the mark. That raises more than a few eyebrows. There's also your noble brow and your dignified profile. Oh, Seeker checks out how you fill out your armor when she thinks you aren't looking.)

I spend a lot of time thinking about: What happened at the Chantry conclave. I've also been thinking about how Mages are treated.

(You owe that one to Sparkles.)

The most private thing I'm willing to admit: I enjoy flirting and sarcasm.

(People will just have to read "Sword and Shields" when a robust Dalish hunter falls madly in love with a Tevinter Mage and they keep sneaking off into empty rooms claiming to be searching them for "threats".)

Kiki is a math and science teacher by day, Dragon Age fangirl by night. When she's not fangirling Alistair, she can be found drinking tea, kicking ass, and taking names. But may be not in that order.

Character Name: Sable Trevalyn
Played by: Becky Cunningham
Race & Class: Male Human Mage
Alignment: Lawful Good

Sable is a lightning mage and Knight Enchanter who enjoys a good book and romantic walks on the beach. He's kind and a bit shy, but all he needs is a charming bad boy to bring him out of his shell. A noble from the Free Marches, Sable has excellent manners, is a fine ballroom dancer, and has a sly sense of humor that comes out when one might least expect it. A political moderate, Sable works towards a peaceful future in which mages have self-determination, but there are checks and balances to avoid abuses of power by those of evil intent.

While leading the Inquisition, Sable became close friends with the noble-minded Cassandra and the down-to-earth Varric. He also found love with the rogue Tevinter mage, Dorian. Can these two overcome their romantic self-doubts and make it in the long term? I'm rooting for them!

Character Name: Catari Storm
Played by: Michael Cunningham
Race & Class: Female Human Rogue
Alignment: You figure it out.

Hi, I'm Catari Storm, a single, human female looking for either one-night stands or a long term open relationship. A rogue by both trade and nature, I'm always up for an exciting adventure out in the wild or in between the sheets. When it comes to making decisions in life, I always go with my gut. On dates, I enjoy getting up close and personal. I'm into knives and other sharp objects, but haven't hurt anyone that didn't deserve it. If you're scared of pointy objects, powerful women, or are into "the Fade," please do not apply.

I'm fiercely loyal to my friends, but when it comes to matters of the heart that can be a little challenging. Some of my past few relationships have been rocky thanks to friends with benefits getting a little too close, so I'm not looking for any crazy elf chicks who can't take anything seriously or any military guys who are afraid of sharing their feelings! I've had my heart broken recently by a devilishly handsome, mustachioed mage who led me on and by a beautiful warrior who claimed I "wasn't her type."

If you're interested in getting to know me better, please feel free to contact me via carrier pigeon at 1 Skyhold Ave.

Character Name: Isabela "Trevelyan"
Played by: Rachel Gold
Race & Class: Female Human Rogue
Alignment: Chaotic naughty.

Available (though hardly single) pirate captain seeks companionship for the beatdown of ancient demons, copious looting and general mischief. I enjoy long walks along the docks, well-poisoned blades, spanking, making my enemies cry for their mothers, killing people and taking their stuff.

Also ... the halla swarm at midday, the nug chews the ... oh Andraste’s ass. Varric, this coded personal ad idea is ridiculous. Hawke, when you read this, come and get me now! They think I’m some kind of savior. Varric assured me that impersonating Lady Trevelyan for a “quick little heist in Haven” would only take a few days. It’s been weeks and I miss my ship!

You’d better hurry because Josephine said she could have danced with me for hours. And you would not believe what Morrigan wears into battle! Plus Iron Bull and his Lieutenant Krem have offered to show me what the Quanri like to do with that “leather-wrapped rod” Bull keeps going on about. Hawke, if you don’t have a plan to get me out of this Skyhold soon, I’m going to be the most ill-behaved inquisitor in all of Thedas history, I swear!

Rachel Gold is the award-winning author of young adult novels Being Emily and Just Girls. When she’s not writing books or working in marketing, she’s frequently playing games! Find out more at

Character Name: Qel Lavellan
Played by: Sam Maggs
Race & Class: Female Elf Rogue
Alignment: Chaotic Good

The fastest dual-wield rogue in Thedas (or so she likes to think), Qel is a no-nonsense Dalish elf who would love it if these Templars and Mages could just stop being gigantic assholes to everyone for literally one second, thanks. Some people might mistake her brusque, direct manner for rudeness, but really, Qel just has no time for preposterousness. Despite her hard exterior, if you ever insinuate that she doesn’t care about her friends, Qel will have your ear separated from your head so fast you’ll be sorry you even looked at her sideways.

Though Qel never saw herself as the romantic type (she typically prefers to hit it and quit it, usually with a few of their valuables in hand), she was surprised to find herself unwittingly – and perhaps a bit awkwardly – falling for Skyhold’s resident angsty Templar, Cullen. If Qel’s all hard edges, Cullen knows how to soften them – and how to take a couple of scratches every now and then. Qel considers herself best bros with Iron Bull, with whom she can keep up, drink-for-drink, on any night – much to his begrudging approval. She’s read every chapter of Hard in Hightown, knows exactly what make-up compliments her purple eye tattoo, and owns a very vicious hamster.

Named "Awesome Geek Feminist of the Year" by Women Write About Comics, Sam is an Associate Editor for The Mary Sue; talks pop culture on TV and movie screens; and her writing has appeared everywhere from the Internet, to books, to national newspapers. She loves YA lit, Pacific Rim, BioWare games, Carol Danvers, and Jeff Goldblum. Sam's first book, The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy, is out with Quirk Books this May. You can find her on Twitter, or over on her website.

Character Name: The Dovah-Qun (Kaaras Adaar)
Played by: Adriaan den Ouden
Race & Class: Male Qunari Mage
Alignment: Neutral Good

The Dovah-Q'un is a dragon-slaying knight enchanter of legend, capable of felling the dread beasts by his hand alone. He's the suave, witty type who enjoys a good drink with good friends. As a Tal-Vashoth, he never put much stock in the Qun, but never bought the whole "Herald of Andraste" thing either. The Maker can think what He wants, the Dovah-Qun does his own thing.

During the inquisition, the Dovah-Qun fell for the elegant Lady Montilyet. After foiling an assassination attempt, the two danced the night away at the Royal Ball in Orlais. He was also close friends with the Iron Bull, after the Qunari spy became Tal-Vashoth during a failed raid, as well as with the Tevinter outcast Dorian and the strangely wise Sera, both of whom offered him valuable council during times of strife.

Character Name: Merya Trevalyan
Played by: Stephanie Palermo
Race & Class: Female Human Mage
Alignment: Chaotic Good (Sometimes, people in high places just need to be told to sh*t or get off the pot, and I'm willing to handle that responsibility for the greater good of the nation.)

I'm a fiery mage who's blunt as hell. With doom seemingly at the turn of every corner as an Inquisitor in Thedas, there's no time for me to sweat the small stuff, but go too far and you'll be forever in the Fade to me. I also have constant hunger for adventure: exploring the corner of every map is my idea of fun, and the ideal mate would love to share this with me.

I'm weak in the knees for men of the Grey Warden order, so Blackwall and I were a natural fit, or so I thought. Our relationship was on the rocks for a while when he opened up and revealed his secret with me, which I won't share here as this was shared in confidence with me. It was a real relationship test for us, but ultimately, I knew he was being the man he wanted to be: sensitive, loving, committed... plus those were some of the best literal rolls in the hay of my life!

Hi there! My name is Stephanie Palermo, I work in PR at Capcom. I've also designed and successfully Kickstarted a board game called Flocks & Flyways. I'm a lover of video games, Phil Collins, all things horror, the sweet sweet love that is Dragon Age (of course), and tasty treats. Find me on Twitter!

Character Name: Rosary Trevelyan
Played by: Francesca Reyes
Race & Class: Female Human Rogue
Alignment: Chaotic Good, Assassin guild-trained, Agnostic

As a dual-dagger–wielding rogue, Rosary is most comfortable behind the scenes, preferring quiet conversation at a campsite to garish ballroom soirees. Despite having been raised as an upper-class Free Marcher, she chafes at nobility and politics, choosing to leave much of the heavy lifting in administrative matters to her advisors when possible. She’s a reluctant leader who believes her stumbling into the Inquisition was more dumb luck than anything divine.

Estranged from her family, a life apart from them has made freedom and the ability to always have choices the causes she fiercely champions — as such, she’s a staunch supporter of the plight of both the mages and the working class whenever possible. Considered a curious, kind-minded Inquisitor by many of her inner circle, Rosary’s much more comfortable skulking around Skyhold’s empty ramparts or its countless, rubble-filled corridors, either alone or alongside Blackwall, her closest companion.

Francesca Reyes — Having done time editing and writing for gaming magazines such as Official Dreamcast Magazine, Ultra Gameplayers, and Next Generation, Francesca served as Editor-in-Chief of Official Xbox Magazine until 2014. Currently, she's freelancing as a writer, editor, and game consultant — when she's not endlessly gathering elfroot in the Hinterlands, of course.

Character Name: Rhyne Trevelyan
Played by: Kyle Smith
Race & Class: Female Human Bow-Rogue
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Some heroes are born, some are made, and some stumble into a magical orb and have to do the best they can. Rhyne, the frivolous daughter of House Trevelyan, found herself with far more responsibility than she'd ever hoped to have when she became Inquisitor. While spending time with Rhyne, many arrows will be shot, pranks played, and rude words shaved into unfortunate places. Her general motto is, "Kickin' butt and killin' dragons." Solas disapproves.

Unsurprisingly, Rhyne developed close friendships with Dorian and Iron Bull. Although she enjoyed flirting with Scout Harding, she ended up falling for Sera, with whom she embarked upon a spirited romance that raised eyebrows all over Skyhold.

Kyle is Becky's husband. He may or may not have wrote his character's profile.

Character Name: Belladonna (Kaaras Adaar)
Played by: Sam Wachter
Race & Class: Female Qunari Warrior
Alignment: Neutral Good

Belladonna Kaaras Adaar is a qunari woman of humble beginnings. She enjoys nature walks, gushing foes with her great sword, and making poor decisions. So poor in fact, that she didn’t know what a gibbet was. But it didn’t stop her from sentencing someone only to find out what it was. It was not pleasant. Oops.

Belladonna found love and heartache with the loner, Grey Warden Blackwall, though their relationship has been a whirlwind of angst, dramatics, right out of the pages of Swords & Shields. Poor Blackwall has to stand on a stool to get a smooch! The pair have been inseparable, though lately duty has been pulling them a part.

Character Name: Aerie Cadash
Played by: Scott Wachter
Race & Class: Female Dwarven Warrior
Alignment: Screw you.

Hey there, I'm Aerie. I'm a pretty outdoorsy dwarf. I enjoy hiking through the wilderness, riding, and dragon slaying. I'm looking for a fun loving guy or gal to join my on my romps. Personality-wise I'd say my best trait is my sense of humour. I'm always trying to find the amusing part of any situation. If I had to list a downside I'd say it's my temper, every now and then I fly into a berseker rage and jam a battleaxe into someone's face. But I swear it was always for a good reason.

If you're in the Skyhold area and looking to make a connection, send a raven with your portrait.

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