Ghaleon from the Lunar series is one of the greatest villains in all of video games. Originally one of the four legendary heroes of the goddess Althena, Ghaleon became quietly enraged at the goddess after she sent his best friend Dyne to his supposed death. During the years to follow, he sought revenge against Althena by secretly becoming the Magic Emperor, all the while publicly acting as the Premier of the Magic Guild of Vane.

What's so fantastic about Ghaleon and his role in Lunar: The Silver Star is how perfectly he weaves his web of deceit. He's a legendary hero, leader of the school of magic, and seemingly helpful to Alex and his friends. Why wouldn't you want to trust this guy? Well, other than his creepy harp, sinister voice, and pointy hat. Ok, so he might not seem like the most legit person to blindly trust, but when he offers to travel with Alex, it's awesome to get to see his powerful spells in action. Sure, he eventually kills (or captures depending on which version you're playing) the White Dragon Quark and reveals himself to be the Magic Emperor, but he does it with style.

Ghaleon pretty much tricks you into helping him achieve all his evil goals. Not only that, but he's always one step ahead of you in everything you do. His massive castle-tank, the Grindery, levels a whole town and then shoots the magical city of Vane out of the sky. He's pretty much got the whole bad guy thing wrapped up until Alex cheats and becomes a Dragonmaster and beats him. That said, he still came back after that one defeat to show his true form. And when he's beaten, you still feel sorry for him. He was just misguided after all. Misguided and awesome.

In fact, Ghaleon is so awesome that he makes a reappearance in Lunar: Eternal Blue, this time a Dragonmaster. He proves to once again be a formidable foe in this game as well, but in the end shows that he regretted his sins and he betrays the evil fiend who brought him back to life. As a sucker for a good redemption story, this two story arc where Ghaleon goes from hero to villain back to hero helped cement him as one of my favorite villains of all time. — Michael A. Cunningham

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