Our Thoughts and Reflections

Pandora's Tower & Xenoblade
"How I Learned To Stop Worrying About Time Limits
(And Other Things)"

by Alex Fuller

Pokémon White 2
"The Siren Song of Precious Medals"
by Michael Baker

Xenoblade Chronicles
"Worth the Wait"
by Cassandra Ramos

Final Fantasy II
"Letting Go of Leveling"
by Trent Seely

Saints Row: the Third & Sleeping Dogs
"Jackie Ma and Soji Okita Are My Home Boys"
by Sam Marchello

PC Gaming
"A Console Gamer's Year-Long Experiment With the PC"
by Adriaan den Ouden (refeatured)

It's the start of a new year, and all thoughts are naturally on what is to come. It is the season of resolutions and planning for the future — which also means that this is a good time to reflect upon the previous year. Gamers are human beings; we grow and change and experience epiphanies that have an impact on our gaming lifestyle.

To this end, the staff at RPGamer has come together to contemplate the experiences of the last twelve months. We take a look at games which, new or old, made us think about and reconsider our habits of gaming. There are lessons to be learned from any game, as these testimonials will show.

We invite all of our readers to share the personal moments of gaming that shaped the course of last year for them. The unexamined life is not worth gaming, after all.

Share your own testimonials here.

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