Lucian and Lenneth

It's no surprise how often Valkyrie Profile appears on many of RPGamer's features. It's a game that gut punches you with emotions, and constantly pushes the limits when it comes to weaving a strong narrative. Of all the plotlines in the game, there's none more touching than the story of Lucian and Lenneth Valkyrie. Lenneth's human life is one of sadness and grief. As Platina, she's sold off into slavery by her parents, though her young lover, Lucian, whisks her into the dark night in the hopes of taking her somewhere safe where the two can finally be together. Unfortunately, Platina dies in a poisonous lily field, Lucian holding her fragile corpse in his arms, cursing the gods above.

Platina, now reborn as Lenneth Valkyrie, is forced to go down to Midgard and reap the soul of the man from her past. Not knowing at first that Lucian is the man she was supposed to wed, Lenneth claims his soul without much thought. After talking to him, Lucian says to Lenneth, "You look just like her," referring of course to the fact that she is the spitting image of Platina. He asks her to remove her helmet so he can further inspect her, only to be swooped into a passionate kiss that begins the couple's trials and tribulations. Sending Lucian to Valhalla is an optional choice presented in Valkyrie Profile, and is the only way in which players can acquire the true ending. However, in taking this journey, you learn that Loki is the true villain and he has kidnapped Lucian in order to lure Lenneth to him.

What I love about the relationship between Lucian and Lenneth is that it's so innocent from start to finish. The two have an instant spark, and it's Lucian who helps give Lenneth back the memories she had lost in the past. The love he shared with Platina never died, it just transformed into new feelings for the Lenneth. Reuniting Lucian and Lenneth is such a tearjerking experience because the game does an amazing job of making you care about their relationship, and very seldom do we get to see the heroine save the man of her dreams from an impending doom. Lenneth and Lucian's connection is hard to deny, and for me they encapsulate the perfect romance in a video game. — Sam Marchello

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