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Technical Requirements
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The Review Process
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Technical Requirements
  • Please submit your fics as email attachments rather than in the body of the email. This is not a requirement, but it will make things much much easier on us.
  • If submitting a single document, please use only plain text (.txt), Word Document (.doc), Rich Text (.rtf) or HTML (.html). Any other file format will be immediately marked for deletion. This means NO WordPerfect (.wps) or any other obscure file format you might feel inclined to use.
  • If submitting multiple documents, please zip them up into a single archive (.zip) and attach the zip. Do not attach multiple documents.
  • If your fic is in MS Word format, please submit it in MS Word format. Do not use MS Word's "Save as Web page" feature or I will call down various nether gods to wreak devastation upon you.
  • Send your submission to fanfic at rpgamer dot com. For your email subject, use "[SUBMISSION] GAME TITLE - FIC TITLE", substituting the appropriate names for the italicised text. Any emails sent that do not follow this subject line will likely be marked as spam by our filters and deleted automatically.

Literary Suggestions

  • Please proofread your fic before submitting it, or get someone else to. Other people will often notice the spelling and grammatical errors that an author has missed during the writing process. There are few things which the fanfic team hate more than poor spelling and incorrect grammar. Don't let your fic be rejected for something so easily remedied.
  • Good characterization: don't neglect it. It really hurts to read a fic that's brilliant written except that all the characters have completely different personalities from how they are in the game. Unless there are very valid reasons for it, make sure that when you use ingame characters, that in your fic they are essentially the same characters.
  • Please do not submit lemons. While we will sometimes accept well-written fics with mature themes, please remember that is a PG site and intends to remain as such, insofar as is possible. Violent or sexual themes, swearing, and occultic themes (outside of what is established ingame) should be avoided if possible. This is not a hard and fast rule, but you are reminded to use these sparingly if at all. And absolutely no lemons.
  • The most important literary suggestion is to be humble. Never for an instant assume that you are an amazing writer and that your fic is the best thing since sliced bread. And don't get pissed off if we decide to reject your fic. It happens to everyone. It's not personal.
  • The corollary to that is, your fic is often better than you think it is. It is common for authors to suffer the self-deprecating delusion that they stink and they should just flush their work down the drain. This if often (but not always) untrue. Seek peer reviews and proofs before condemning your own work.

The Fanfic Review Process

     When a fic is submitted to us, it is logged onto a checklist that we keep and assigned a number. Each editor and associate on the fanfic team reads the story and decides independently whether or not to accept the story.

     When all team members have read the story and scored it, a final decision is made by taking the majority vote. In the event of a tie, the fanfic curator's vote is weighted more heavily than the fanfic assistants'.

     All stories that meet our technical requirements are read and responded to. All fics with a proper email subject will receive an automatically-generated reply; if you do not receive this reply within 24 hours of submission, check your subject line and resubmit your fic.

     Once a fic has been accepted or rejected, an email will be sent to the author to inform him or her of the decision made.

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