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Maiji/Mary Huang
Title: An Angel and a Fool
Game(s): Drakengard
Characters: Caim, Red Dragon, Great Wyrm
Medium: Watercolor
Fan Art OmniArt 2005 Quarter-Finalist
Download: [950x552 (146.67k)]
Comment: Trying to capture the moment of tension as the massive sacred dragon ("escorts" included) descends from a blood-red sky. I must have died at least 10 times in the game :D (whoo!)
Title: Strolling into Autumn, 1889
Game(s): Shadow Hearts: Covenant
Characters: Anne, Jinpachiro
Medium: watercolour
Fan Art Omni-Art 2005 Finalist
Download: [579x800 (149.58k)]
Comment: (Potential SH:C spoilers)"I felt compelled to paint the young couple I met today - the handsome Japanese soldier and his beautiful Russian wife. I have never seen two people more deeply in love. Surely, happiness lies in their future ..." An anonymous Impressionist captures them in the style of the day. :3 The Hyuga family are some of my favourite characters, and Yuri's parents kick as much butt as he does, figuratively and literally. :D I'm not used to using so many bright colours ^^; but it was a fun experience.
Title: Sleeping Warrior
Game(s): Star Ocean: The Second Story
Characters: N/A
Medium: Flash MX
Download: [713x605 (99.45k)]
Comment: Link: Bgm used - Gathering God (SH:C), Fairy Battle (FF9), Electric Piano 1 (SO2). Um, about this movie. It's a long story. My friend Luna wrote it, and I narrated and animated it as a joke last year. Suffice to say, we are very sorry about the whole thing. I think. It may be helpful to follow along with the provided script, as a number of my friends have said that the squirrel is unintelligible :p Script:
Title: Fallen Gods
Game(s): Valkyrie Profile
Characters: Loki, Fenrir, Bloodbane, Vidar (and other Aesir)
Medium: Painter 8
Fan Art OmniArt 2005 Semi-Finalist
Download: [576x850 (90.11k)]
Comment: The working title for this piece was “Yum Yum Yummy, Aesir In My Tummy.” =D Technically this would be a spoiler, but anyone who knows their Norse mythology can't possibly be surprised at Loki's backstabbing antics. We never actually get to see him take down the rest of the gods, so here it is, sort of. Vidar, BTW, is the god who would traditionally kill Fenrir - but we know that can't happen here :B


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