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Bucky Durham
Title: Zidane Tribal
Game(s): Final Fantasy IX
Characters: Zidane
Medium: Costume
Download: [374x800 (49.67k)], [480x640 (96.19k)], [480x640 (119.72k)], [640x480 (125.49k)]
Comment: I spent a very long time making this costume and had to remake the vest twice. This costume was a big hit at Animazement 2005.
Title: Cloud Strife
Game(s): Final Fantasy VII
Characters: Cloud
Medium: Costume
Costume Featured Cosplayer - 07 October 2005
Download: [266x399 (21.53k)], [514x768 (73.8k)]
Comment: I made this Cloud costume 3 days prior to the convention with very little money in my budget because my original plan fell through.


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