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Dark Val
Title: Rapscallion
Game(s): Final Fantasy IX
Characters: Zidane Tribal
Medium: Pencil
Fan Art  
Download: [649x792 (107.32k)]
Comment: Everybody loves a thief! Especially this one. The messy lines add character, don't you think? Clean and tidy is somewhat unbecoming of a rogue.
Title: Daughter of Shinobi
Game(s): Final Fantasy VII
Characters: Yuffie
Medium: Unknown
Fan Art  
Download: [466x564 (81.05k)]
Comment: No comment.
Title: Sorceress
Game(s): Final Fantasy VIII
Characters: Rinoa
Medium: Photoshop
Fan Art  
Download: [504x384 (37.9k)]
Comment: Rinoa Heartilly looking all sorceressified. From a friend's Kingdom Hearts story, ironically enough
Title: Bad Cook
Game(s): Tales of Symphonia
Characters: Lloyd, Kratos
Medium: Ink, Photoshop
Fan Art  
Download: [345x253 (43.7k)]
Comment: No comments.


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