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Joe Dininni
Title: Fortune 500
Game(s): Final Fantasy VI
Characters: Setzer
Medium: pencil, photoshop
Download: [410x425 (36.19k)]
Comment: The drawing started as a joke, but after fooling around in Photoshop I came up with this idea.
Title: Paine Sketch
Game(s): Final Fantasy X-2
Characters: Paine
Medium: pencil
Download: [627x932 (48.99k)]
Comment: I noticed the serious lack of Paine's presence in this site's fan art, plus I'd been wanting to draw her for a while, so I drew and submitted this sketch to make up for her absence.
Title: Reluctant Victory
Game(s): Final Fantasy X-2
Characters: Yuna
Medium: Pencil
Download: [1600x1200 (106.58k)]
Comment: There are few things that induce greater joy than creating a masterpiece.
Title: Memories of Departure
Game(s): Kingdom Hearts
Characters: Sora
Medium: Pencil, The GIMP
Fan Art  
Download: [801x1151 (159.85k)]
Comment: I penciled this on May 5th, 2007, but did the CG just before submitting it (on July 12th). It's been quite a long time since my last submission, but I finally got around to it.


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