TGS 2007 Coverage - Trailer/Movie-only Impressions

    While several games were close enough to completion or completed, TGS had more than a few titles which were only available to view. Most of the time this was because of the game's stage of development; there simply wasn't enough of the game finished available to play. In some cases these first-glimpse titles were held under such tight security that taking photographs or asking any wayward questions were simply not allowed.

Infinite Undiscovery

    One of the best examples of this was for the newly announced 360 action RPG Infinite Undiscovery. RPGamer was able to secure an interview with two people leading the project, but there were several questions on business aspects and gameplay that they were either unable or unwilling (or both) to answer. Confidentiality is hardly limited to the video game business, but it is certainly strict in terms of new titles that are announced, especially forums like these.

Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy Versus XIII

    In particular Square Enix had two theaters at their booth: an open and closed theater. Photography or video was strictly prohibited in both theaters, but the closed theater in particular was very strict with its security measures. Not quite the metal-detector type, but there were at least six staff members walking around the room checking the audience for any kind of recording devices; whether they be cell phones, video cameras, or the like.

    Still, there's nothing to prevent me writing about that theater. We got to see some expanded trailers for the Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII series of games, especially for Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Aside from the whole series of games being a mouthful to say, they look pretty beautiful, while not revealing too much else about the plot. One thing highlighted in the Versus trailer was the main character doing battle with a woman, but like trailers of this nature, they don't really reveal too much except to get industry people and writers like myself excited about their products.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep & 358/2 Days & Coded
Kingdom Hearts

    Also in the closed theater was a quick preview of the three newly announced Kingdom Hearts titles. These were the highlight of the show, and aside from missing out on the mobile title in the States, you can more or less guarantee those will be making their way overseas.

Lost Odyssey

    Square Enix, while taking up the lion's share of titles this year at TGS, wasn't the only one providing RPG goodness, although they were close. Of note was Lost Odyssey, which at the very least looks nice. All of the exhibitors showing off games on the current generation of consoles were smart enough to have the latest and greatest monitors to display them, although this is a definite divide between people who haven't made the jump to HDTV or a related format yet. You can count me among those. Still, they looked beautiful.

    Overall, this year's show was really fun, but it was also very bogged down with remakes. The titles chosen for remakes were generally good choices, but it would be nice to see a few new concepts every now and then. However, seeing the movies for some of the really, really, really alpha versions of new games was fun for speculation sake. Especially when you interview creators who don't even know what the final product is like...even if they could tell you.

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