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Dragon Quest IV DS - Tokyo Game Show Impression

Dragon Quest IV DS
Developer: Square Enix
Release Date: 11.22.2007 (Japan)

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From a North American perspective, you'd think Final Fantasy would take precedence over the Dragon Quest series in terms of games slated for ports or remakes. But this is Japan, and in Japan Dragon Quest reigns supreme. Even during an interview with the producers of Infinite Undiscovery, they admitted a liking for turn-based games like these. So, if you think of it like that, then it should be no surprise that Dragon Quest IV DS was available to play, and again it's no surprise that the DS was the console of choice, given that everyone and their grandmother over here owns the console.

"Dragon Quest IV DS is worth a try."

While not available overseas, this is not the first remake of Dragon Quest IV. A PlayStation remake was done in 2001, and the graphical style of the DS remake is quite similar. Battles are still turn-based as in the original, although they look strikingly like those in later Dragon Quest titles, especially DQVII. World map and town views are also from a slight 3D perspective, and those of you who loved the wagon in the original game... it's still there!

Like the Final Fantasy IV remake, this was one of those guaranteed remakes, and it's designed for a new generation that either hasn't played the game or wasn't even born at the time. So, much like Final Fantasy IV DS, it all depends on whether you've played the original or not. Given that getting a hold of the original title is much more difficult, Dragon Quest IV DS is worth a try. At least in North America it won't be subject to mass crowds of gamers going nuts over its release, because this series is an icon in Japan. After all, what series could influence both children and adults to draw slimes just like the game's designers did? Now that's the sign of a cultural icon.

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