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Adriaan den Ouden

It's been three long years since RPGamer trekked across the unforgiving California landscape in search of RPGs, and just like the last time, with our trip coming to a close, we wanted to take a look back at the many games we saw and present our initial impressions. We're all individuals, and although we've brought you impressions and articles on all the titles we've seen, we don't always see eye to eye on everything. Unlike the last time, our "snap judgments" are more than simple yes or no answers. We've provided a brief reasoning behind our thoughts. Hopefully they'll provide you with a bit more insight on the titles in question.




Mugen Souls Might be a little too moe for me, but it looks perfect for those seeking that. Looks cute and funny, and the similarities to Neptunia mk2 are winning me over. This game looks so cray cray that morbid curiosity is getting the better of me. It isn't really my cup of tea in terms of style and game design.
Legasista I loved the customization options, but me and random dungeons don't get along. Fantastic art and music, but the gameplay seems a bit too simplistic for me. Beautiful graphics, interesting mechanics. May give it a whirl. The character and sound creation and customization really got my attention.
Ragnarok Tactics Might be too traditional for some, but the classes look like a great addition. A simple and traditional tactical RPG. Not my cup of tea. Love this game's style. The SRPG goodness is strong with this one. Felt a little too slow for me, but still a solid tactical JRPG. Not into the RO fiction, either.
Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch It reminds me of Dragon Quest VIII in terms of gameplay. That's a good thing. Amazing visual style, charming cast, and intriguing combat. The JRPG we've been waiting for. Makes me want to tie a towel around my neck as a cape and play make believe.
*#1 Pick*
The animation is top notch. The wizard book looks great and adds a lot to the game.
Code of Princess The multiplayer could be fun for hours, especially with internet play. A brawler mixed with an RPG mixed with a fighter. Weird, but interesting. I am TWIRLING, TWIRLING TOWARDS FREEDOM... I mean, very fun game. Can't see myself playing this. Too much button mashing and visual clutter.
Persona 4: The Golden I put 70 hours into the original and will do it again. Can't believe how good it looks. I am admittedly a bigger fan of Persona 3, but damn.
*#1 Pick*
Sexy times in Inaba abound. Definitely picking up a Vita for this game. An enhanced and portable Persona 4 in widescreen. High resolution looks great.
Silent Hill: Book of Memories I'm not typically a dungeon crawler, but this one had great multiplayer. And it's portable. It's what Dead Island could have and should have been. Very intrigued. Excellent multiplayer experience, though Iím not a dungeon crawler fan. Not my cup of tea. The surprise of the trip. I want to see what the final version has in store for the Vita.
*#1 Pick*
New Little King's Story Didn't get to see much, but it looks like more Little King's Story on the go. Not sold on the new character portraits, but everything else is just as charming as the original. Certainly curious about this one. Love the music and certainly enjoyed what I saw of this particular title. I didnít actually get to see Little Kingís Story. But the music sounded nice.
The Last Story This felt like a JRPG, but without all the gameplay trappings I hate in JRPGs.
*#1 Pick*
Expected Resonance of Fate but got Final Fantasy XII. Very excited to play more. Enjoyed this so much more than I thought I would. Multiplayer was also a great experience! It looks like the biggest and last great RPG for the Wii. A good way to close out a console.
Ragnarok Odyssey Seemed a lot like Monster Hunter, but with fun combat and more color. Great character customization, but the combat seemed a bit too stiff for me. Hammersmith with a bubblegum afro is badass. Very fun game. Looked like a fun co-op game for Vita, with tons of customization options.

RPGamer Message Forums

Michael: Over the past few years my patience has started to wane. It takes a little more depth in an RPG to hold my interest. I do like real-time combat, faster paced turn-based combat, and games with choices that have an impact. Due to that lack of patience, portable games have become more of a necessity for me. (Ys Origin, Bastion)

Adriaan: I generally like games that are faster paced or are particularly original. I don't usually like tactical RPGs unless they are really unique. Exploration is a plus, but only when there's lots to discover. (Tales of Symphonia, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

Sam: I like games with strong story elements or characters. Basically, games with a lot of personality and quirkiness are the kind of games I prefer. The more linear the game is, the better. I've found a new love for games that deal with cause and effect, especially ones with major world consequences. (Fallout: New Vegas, Valkyrie Profile)

Emanuel: When it comes to RPGs what I care about most are the three "C"s. Customization, Choices, and Consequences. I want customize my experience and my characters. I want have a choice in how I play and how the story unfolds. Finally, I want all of my customization, story, and play style choices to actually matter and have consequences. (Mass Effect, Fallout 3)

Editor's Note: Because we were unable to see any actual gameplay, Wasteland 2 has been left out of this list.
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