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Sam Marchello

Oh goodness, won't someone PLEASE think of the Porings?
Oh goodness, won't someone PLEASE think of the Porings?

Ragnarok Odyssey was a game I knew zero about going into the appointment. The only information I had was that it had some similarities to Monster Hunter and that it had Ragnarokís various classes implemented. Upon starting my journey I had the choice between six classes and I selected the Hammersmith, who wields a large, drill-like hammer in combat. The amount of customization was astounding as there were several selections for hair style/colour, faces, and skin colour. The staff decided that I would have a bubblegum-pink afro and a super growly face that seemed almost fitting of my personality.

Mitsu Stab!
Smashy Smashy!

After character creation, I was thrust into a questing hub, wherein I could interact with weapon and armor dealers, card collectors and quest givers. The card collectors allow you to purchase cards that can boost your abilities and provide extra bonuses within combat. When I selected my first quest, I was sent out in this gorgeously detailed environment full of enemies to slaughter with my hammer.

The first thing I noticed about Ragnarok was how smooth the controls were on the Vita. By holding the left trigger I was able to lock onto enemies, while pressing square allowed me to jump in the air and smash foes from above. Part of the fun in Ragnarok comes from being a teeny-tiny person taking on giants. While it may seem like characters are restricted to their base job class, fear not, as with the switch of one's wardrobe, one can use other class abilities to help out in the field.

It seems like there is tons to discover in Ragnarok Odyssey. Those with a Vita may wish to check this game out when it releases later this year.

Emanuel Merino: The game features full four player co-op, and due to the non-story nature of the game and difficulty of facing the larger monsters, Ragnarok Odyssey this is an experience best suited for playing with others. RO features nine chapters ad should take you around 30 to 40 hours to complete.

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