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Half-Minute Hero is the most bizarre RPG I have ever played. Full of charm and quirk, it is a game that boasts being able to complete quests in thirty seconds or less. The demo begins with the Goddess of Time telling the Hero that he must save the world from a destructive force... in less than thirty seconds. She said she could grant more time for a small fee, though the reasoning for the fee is because she has some "things" she wants to buy. In fact, she even tries to encourage the player to use her services if it means she gets the items she wants.

Half-Minute Hero is by far one of the most unique experiences I've ever had with an RPG. Saying it is quick-paced is completely an understatement the game is literally rushing from one point to another nonstop until you reach your main objectives. Along the way to your destination, the player will be forced into battle with other enemies, but with a couple of quick pokes, the Hero is able to press forward lickity-split. Levelling up in this game is literally a snap, as after almost every encounter the Hero will level.

Zoom! Whooosh!
Zoom! Whoooosh!
The only moment in which time stops is when the Hero visits a town. In the towns, time is frozen and it allows the player to take on requests from the townspeople or shop for items and weapons. Also, should the player ever need more time for whatever reason, they can go to the Goddess Statue and for a small fee, regain the full thirty seconds. When I was playing Half-Minute Hero, I managed to beat the demo without having to use the Goddess Statue. Ask Adriaan though, and he'll tell you that not only did he use the statue twice, but he also died. He did, however, get a cool new hat which allowed him to cross a swamp. Why you need a cool hat to cross a swamp is beyond me.

Another quirky thing that gives Half-Minute Hero its charm comes from its pixelated graphics which completely suit the humor of this game. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard while playing a game, especially the Goddess figure. She's a riot!

According to XSEED, the game is roughly about fifteen hours, and there are four different game modes that offer wide varieties of gameplay, such as the Princess 30 mode, which is actually a shooter. There is also a co-op mode where players can race their friends and see who can beat the clock.

I seriously loved Half-Minute Hero. This is truly one of those unique gems with a lot of charm and personality that is just so refreshing. I'm just weary of the Goddess of Time... she's out to steal my money. In more ways than one.

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