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Sam Marchello

Baaaaaad Ass!
Baaaaaaad ass!

I admit, Dissidia: Final Fantasy was pretty low on my radar. I only had minor interest in the game when I found out it was possible to beat the snot out of Cloud Strife, but that alone wasnít enough to seal the deal for me. After trying out Dissidia at Square Enix, this game immediately exceeded my expectations.

The demo that was provided for us was a demo of the arcade mode. In the arcade mode there were a few options for character selection such as Cloud, Cecil, Onion Knight and Terra. Considering Terra is one of my all-time favourite Final Fantasy heroines, I immediately jumped at the chance to try out her path.

Epic Showdown.
Epic Showdown.

What was fantastic about the demo provided was that as I completed the matches, the game would provide step-by-step instructions on different moves, how to execute combos, and different ways to guard so that I wouldn't lose Brave Points. Each player has a certain number of Brave Points and the objective is to steal BP from the enemy in order to strengthen their own attacks to gain the upper hand. Once an opponent has lost all their Brave Points, they go into Break mode and the playerís attacks become critical hits. As soon as enough damage is dealt, the player can unleash a finishing blow that ends the round.

When I was pummelling Firion and Zidane, I found that they were barely a challenge. As soon as I made it to round three and four against The Warrior of Light and The Cloud of Darkness, I found the game became slightly more difficult as both opponents hopped all around the screen. Terra, however, is equipped with many different spells which includes a deadly flood attack, a tornado that hits all around the screen and an ice blast. Also, when selecting Terra, she has the ability to go into Esper Mode when the player enters EX Mode. Mind you, I was only able to get her into Esper Mode once, sadly.

The environments were massive, and thereís a lot of room to lay the smack down or run away when times become tough. The PSP controls are fluid and the graphics are gorgeous looking. While this game obviously isnít for everyone, I admit, as someone who doesnít like Final Fantasy, this game completely surprised me. If only it had given me the chance to beat on Cloud, I would have been even happier.

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