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Valhalla Knights is a tough series to judge. It's clearly a game for a hardcore crowd that enjoys the min/maxing of character customization, but tends not to be very friendly to a casual crowd. Anyone that has found enjoyment in either of the prior two titles should be on the lookout for Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga for the Nintendo Wii.

Eldar Saga breaks the mold a bit from the other games in the series by having players focus on a single character instead of a party. That doesn't mean you'll be playing alone though, as two mercenaries are available to join you in combat. The game is broken up into two different episodes. Despite looking as if there was an option for race selection, players are locked into playing the game as a human male. The second episode follows the adventures of a completely new character, a half-breed of human and whatever other race the character in part one hooked up with during his quest. There are nearly a dozen of different job classes available within the game, but only five are available from the beginning. Once you've selected your job, you can modify your character's face, hair, and battle cry before heading off into battle.

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Combat is as hardcore in Eldar Saga as ever. This is an action RPG that will have players scouring the world completing quests and finding armor. You have to be careful though, because even if you don't lose any experience or see a game over screen when you die, you do lose half of your money. In order to make sure that you don't die too often, it was recommended to make sure your equipment was as up to date as possible. You can also enhance your equipment, so doing that along with making sure your stats are divided in the most efficient way possible will give you the best chance of survival.

For those still not excited, they should be aware that they can complete certain quests over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to grind and gain new items with a friend. It's hard to say that this Wii version of the game will win over many new fans to the series, but it does offer a few new draws that could possibly bring in some of those that weren't as happy with the PSP games. For fans of the series, they can now gather together in the virtual world of Eldar to kill and be killed in jubilee.

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