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Oh No! What are those...
Shiny Blocks of Mystery

On Wednesday, RPGamer took a trip down to NIS America to get our hands on an early build of everyone's favorite demonic strategy RPG, Disgaea 3. While the amount of information that we have right now is extremely scarce, we can say that series fans will absolutely love what NIS has in store for them.

Disgaea 3 takes place in Netherworld's demon academy known as the Maritsu Evil Academy, where opposites reign supreme. At the academy, the honor students skip out on class and get little done, while the delinquents are studious demons forced to go to class early to do the homework of the honor students. The game follows the adventures of Mao, the number one honor student at Maritsu, as he sets out to become a hero and defeat his overlord father who reigns supreme at the Evil Academy. While this all may seem a bit outlandish at first glance, series fans will undoubtedly be pleased to see that the Disgaea universe continues to be as over-the-top as ever.

Our time spent with Disgaea 3 was short, but long enough to show us that much of Netherworld remains the same (at least in outward appearance). I chose a random area to head to and was immediately thrust into battle against a hoard of angry monsters. After bringing out a few characters to do battle with, our team progressed across the map to do our best to annihilate the competition, doing terrible in our efforts to evade oddly colored tiles and mysterious new blocks. Longtime fans can rest assured that our character levels were unfathomably high and the damage we dealt was absolutely astronomic. Oh, and there were Prinnies. Lots of Prinnies, dood.

Oh Yah!
It's Prinny Convincing Time!

After wiping out the opposition, we took our turn creating characters and doing battle with the (still annoying) student council, who needed some hard convincing to help us build our cheerleader. We saw close to 200 unlockable character classes to choose from, making the completionist in all of us quiver in delight. Disgaea 3 reportedly offers players hundreds of hours of gameplay in the way of optional sidequests, unlockable secrets, and multiple playthroughs. Although it won't be pushing the PlayStation 3's graphical processor too hard, Disgaea 3 still looked good and stays true to the series' roots.

While we didn't get to see much of the story in action, we were assured that Disgaea 3 features an amazing amount of ridiculous characters and multiple storylines to keep fans interested until the very end. Be sure to check back in early June when we'll hopefully have more juicy details and a special preview.

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