Fan Expo 2017 - The Return of The Revenge

Tabletop Desk Chief


After a few years off from con-going, it's weird to see a convention pivot so quickly. The slow, steady demise of physical media sales has seen vendors go all out on the merch. I could not find any RPG manuals from this decade nor any of the manga I meant to catch up on that month, but I could find any Funko under the sun, plus t-shirts galore. Okay, enough of my old man ranting. This show has developed a really strong how-to and advice tracks for illustration and tabletop game development with some real industry professionals; itís a delight far beyond the by-the-numbers "Q&A with some famous people" and "all-day anime viewing" uses of conference rooms, even if they did get the whole cast of Rocky Horror back together.

But, it's not all fan stuff for me. I attend this show on a press pass and I do have to put some work in. I got a chance to speak with Robert Schwalb, late of Green Ronin currently of Shadow of the Demon Lord, and a chance to play few upcoming games including Ni No Kuni II, Far Cry 5, and Assassinís Creed: Origins. Links to all those down below.

All and all, this was a pretty good show. Maybe it was the time off, maybe it was the fact there was room to breathe out on the floor most of the time, but Fan Expo felt new and better than it has in ten years.

See you all at Fan Expo 2018!

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