R P G A M E R   -   E 3   J O U R N A L   D A Y   N E G A T I V E   T W O

On the Cusp

Zachary Lewis

Well, another year has brought E3 to us again. What can we expect to see on the show floor this year? The PS3 is supposed to be absent while the Xbox360 should be taking off... The DS and the PSP will continue their eternal struggle and "together Wii will change everything."

I began my journey this year with the intention of coming in to Los Angeles a day early and trying to relax; so far it has worked wonders. I boarded my plane from gate "E3" at PDX which I thought was rather prophetic. Upon arriving and locating Chris², we took a cab to our hotel which has since turned out to be a drastic improvement over those of previous years with the exception of our internet connection which is terrible at best. We went to have lunch at Denny's and to see Mission Impossible III which was surprisingly good after the second one. Anyhow, more tomorrow from the Square Enix Press Event!

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