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Zachary Lewis

It's E3 Day Negative One and I'm not having to pack my luggage with me to the Square Enix Press Event... Who'da thunk it? I just got in and took some pictures of a few action figures in the wild and am patiently sitting and waiting for the biggest RPG-centric news event of the year. As a side note Square Enix serves up a mean brownie. I had a quick chat with RPGamer alumnus Alex Wollenschlaeger, the now Editor of Kikizo, and good times were generally had by all. Also on hand was John McCarroll of RPGFan fame with his DS and an imported copy of Children of Mana which he graciously let us play.

Later in the day...

Square Enix has resisted the almost palpable urge to remake Final Fantasy VII and has, instead, unveiled a rather shocking Final Fantasy XIII that appears to be highly action oriented. The main thing that surprises me here is that they haven't spent this kind of energy really pushing Final Fantasy XII. Two spin-offs for FFXIII is kind of out-of-nowhere as well, although I approve of the project name for the FFXIII compilation: Fabula Nuva Crystallis. No really big surprises with the exception of all the Wii support and the no-love-for-Microsoft. I've heard through the grapevine that Sony has announced motion sensing capabilities for the PS3 and all I really have to say to that is, "WTF DOOD?!" As Bryan pointed out this is all in the grand tradition of what Sony has stolen from Nintendo over the years; the rumble idea (which has since gotten them in trouble) and the analog stick to name only a few. I'm highly skeptical of the $600 pricepoint as well, but if Sony is arrogant enough to go after their opposition with a disadvantage that big I guess that's their own form of martyrdom.

Anyhow, tomorrow marks the unveiling of Wii and Halo 3 so I'd better try and get some rest. Peace out, all.

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