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The Line Must Be Drawn Hee-ah!

Matt Demers

Remember how I was complaining about my feet yesterday? Well, I have to admit that yesterday's hurts held not a candle to those incurred today. Why? Because today was indeed the day that I tried my hand at enduring the forever-long queue of people in order to finally get my hands on the Wii.

My day began, however, very early in the morning. I got up at 6:30 in order to be ready for the 7:30 shuttle bus with the rest of the RPGamer crew, grimaced as it swung by fifteen minutes late to pick us all up, and then yawned my way through a forty-five minute commute over to the Los Angeles Convention Center for Day Two of the vivid fun.

I started the day by looking at a special art display with RPGamer's Theo/Vigivalgus, who I travelled with a little later to a special media appointment. The appointment was with Codemasters, the masterminds behind a few new RPGs, and we learned a lot about their upcoming games Archlord and Overlord.

After that, Theo and I parted ways as I headed off to eagerly join the line for the Wii, which wound all the way down the length of Nintendo's booth and appeared at first to run down the entire side wall. When I finally reached the end of that, however, I realized that it continued to wrap around the back of the booth, and as I continued to follow this ridiculously long stream of people, I found that it wrapped around and headed back towards the front and off towards a nearby super-overpriced cafe. Stupefied, I found a sign at the back. Yes, at 10:00 a.m., an hour after the show floor opened, the line was closed.

A little dejected, but somewhat relieved, I wandered back and played a couple of games, including a very refreshing Disgaea 2 demo. Afterwards, filled with new resolve, I wandered back and found that the Wii line had reopened, and so I joined it in a jiffy just as I realized that I had next to no reading material or any distractions to keep me busy. What did I do? I started talking to people! I met the people around me; namely, a guy named Anthony who works for Sony but was there only for the Wii. Between him and myself, we must have appeared to serve as a great Nintendo anti-something, because I was also outfitted with an Xbox 360 swag-bag of destiny which I had swiped at the entryway to the convention center.

And the line creeped along.


VERY slowly.

About halfway through, I realized exactly how glad I was that I hadn't eaten any breakfast or drank any fluids yet that day. While I was horribly hungry, and a little bit thirsty, I was definitely glad that bathrooming was never an issue, because it would have caused great despair. While in the line, I met a few people that said hello after recognizing the site from our shirts; I met a few RPGamer fans on my journey today, and one such group of people hailed from Detroit, very close to home!

But I was still standing in line.

I got into the atrociously long lineup at approximately 11:30, and it was nearly 3:00 when I finally entered the great sealed-off Nintendo Wii booth interior. With joy, I entered and was immediately faced with a great horror:

Another line.

If I wanted to try Zelda, I found out quickly that it would take me yet another hour of waiting to make my way to the ten-minute demo screens (and eight or nine were up and running!) The wait, however, was worth it, I think, because I can now say that I'm one of the first few thousand to touch Nintendo's long-awaited, revolutionary Wii, a console that I consider to be the most damn sexy-looking console I've ever laid my eyes upon. The play control varied from game to game that I tried, and while all of the games I tried took some getting used to, they were all quite enjoyable experiences. I spent about an hour and a half afterwards playing the new Mario game, as well as Namco games One Piece and SD Gundam.

After exiting the booth, I realized that my stomach was considering self-consumption, and so I wrapped things up by playing a few more games after meeting up with a few other RPGamer staff members. We took the bus back to the hotel, and I ate some cold pizza, and then concentrated on writing some stuff up while Bryan and Theo decided to play accidental basketball with business cards and the front of my boxers. Yeah, don't ask.

I fly back on the plane tomorrow afternoon, so my E3 experience is over for this year. It has been quite the amazing time, and it has flown by in a flash. I've met a lot of cool people, seen some incredible displays, and played some really neat games, and I only hope that I'll be able to return sometime in the future.

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