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Rogue Galaxy is yet another game I've been looking forward to for some time, especially since it more-or-less recently got announced for localization. Finally getting a chance to play it was great.

You start the demo off in a village which is about to perform some kind of ceremony that you have interrupted for some reason. You can go about the village and ask people things, but really you can just leave to go get into some action, which is what I did. Battles take place on the same screen, but seem to be a little bit random, too. Enemies just jump out of the jungle at you.

Combat is fast paced, if a little button-mashy. You can assign your allies different AI settings, so that either they'll pick their own targets, will concentrate on your target, go all out against the enemies, or back up and be cautious about the situation. At certain points, your allies will ask you what skill you want them to use. You choose this by pressing R1 or R2 for the desired skill, and off they'll go to use it. From looking at the menus, it appears that a really powerful skill can be used if you use the other skills in a certain order. As well, you can control any of the characters whenever you want. You can use both long- and short-range attacks to take care of foes, and can equip a weapon for each. As for skills, the guy with the white hair uses some nice melee attacks, while the girl seems to use some healing attacks. However, I'm not totally sure about this, as the demo was limited to five battles and I was running low on time to play it.

Rogue Galaxy seems like a lot of fun. With so many worlds and areas to explore, including some new ones for the western release, my anticipation soars.

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