Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance Xbox Impressions

Interplay had copies of their Xbox port of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance on display, and though it played as well as its PlayStation 2 counterpart, it played no better. Upon further investigation, I discovered that nothing new would be added to the Xbox version over the PS2 version, which could be disappointing to fans of the original looking for something more. The graphics looked more or less the same, and no differences were immediately evident while playing, either.

The only changes made during the process of the port were some rebalancing issues. According to a developer, some spells were discovered to be too powerful, while others were too weak, so some changes were made in that area. Other than that, it is a straight port. Those who never played the PS2 version would find a much more balanced game in the Xbox version, but those who already own it would find their money better spent elsewhere.

by Justin Weiss    
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