E3 2001

Working Designs Announces GameCube Interest

In a press release from Working Designs issued this morning, the hopes of many were finally confirmed. Though formerly concentrating solely on the Saturn and later the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 consoles, President Victor Ireland expressed interest in developing for Nintendo's upcoming GameCube system. According to Mr. Ireland, Working Designs feels that "The GameCube presents an exciting opportunity to extend our fan base with innovative content, and we are exploring possible games for publication."

Though no specific games have been considered for GameCube publication yet, Working Designs is well known for their RPG selection as well as their high-quality RPG translations and localizations. They published such games as Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete and its sequel in North America. Currently, Working Designs is finishing up localization on Arc the Lad Collection for the Sony PlayStation.

by Justin Weiss    

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