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A strong visual style defined this year, but no game was as immediately good-looking as the treat that was Horizon Zero Dawn. Equal parts intriguing in its design and technically excellent in its execution, Horizon's apocalyptic wasteland impresses with dense forests, active wildlife, and gorgeous weather effects.

The game is also impressive when it switches to its mechanical aspects, which include many of its interiors and the large, mechanized beasts that move in a surprising fluid manner. Dynamic lighting and weather effects cast every minute in picturesque detail that more than justifies the game's extensive Photo Mode. While there are several games that could claim to come out on top in terms of style, Horizon is without a doubt one that leaves the best first impression.

If there was ever a game that embodied sheer style, it would be Persona 5, and its visual design shows this off better than anything. From its impressive recreation of various areas of Tokyo to its bright and fanciful dungeons, Persona 5 wraps it all in one of the most impressive menu overlays we've ever seen. Top it off with some terrific new character designs, and you have one of the most visually striking games of 2017.

Supergiant Games always goes all out when it comes to the graphics and visual design in its games. The world of Pyre sports some of the lushest environments, each popping with so much colour. There’s also a ton of detail in the character designs (mustache or no), the playing field for the Rites, and in the environments. Pyre is a game that catches the eye in both its creative gameplay and its graphical prowess.

by Zack Webster, Adriaan den Ouden, Sam Wachter


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