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With each new breakthrough in gaming technology, one immutable fact has always remained. Each new wave of technology must bring with it a greater capacity for innovations in sound, hardware, and especially graphics. With the PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, and newest PC hardware, this point has been proved yet again. Enhanced texturing, multiple light sources, and powerful polygon pushing processors have made games more a work of art than ever before. But what games have used these new resources to their fullest possible potential? Well, according to the fates that be, Kingdom Hearts is the clear victor this year.

Regardless of possible arguments about the quality of Square's more recent titles, the fact still remains that they can make some fantastically gorgeous games. Kingdom Hearts is certainly no exception to the rule. It contains exquisitely detailed FMV, high polygon-count character models, and excellent lip-synching and facial expressions. This is combined with varied and beautiful locations, and some of the best artwork ever to grace the gaming world. Thanks to the combined efforts of Squaresoft and Disney Interactive, the PlayStation 2 has really shown what it can do.

On the RPGamer staff side of things, the runner-up distinction goes to Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. It's hard to imagine not recognizing a game with such a vast scope and aspect in its world, as well as astonishing character and item design, extremely beautiful scenery, and outright brilliant attention to detail. Third place falls to the still amazingly pretty Neverwinter Nights, one of several AD&D PC RPGs set in the Forgotten Realms campaign world. Having spent such a long time in development, it comes as hardly a wonder that the precision of detail in the game be second to none, as well as featuring some of the most elaborate lighting effects in an RPG to date.

Reader votes give the runner-up awards to both Suikoden 3 and Wild ARMs 3. Suikoden 3 features fantastic anime-styled character models and some truly breathtaking scenery. Wild ARMs 3 delves into the domains of the experimental, with characters that could be described as 2D-meets-3D in a very enticing and well done fashion. Also of note are some of the flashy spell effects and landscape locations.

With the infancy stage of the Xbox and the GameCube coming to an end, and the prospect of the PlayStation 3 looming on the horizon, there is little doubt that the graphics of 2002 will not hold their shining brilliance for long. But, while they last, staying awestruck might not be too difficult.

Best Graphics
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Kingdom Hearts
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The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind NeverWinter Nights Reader Runner-Ups
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