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Most of the good games of 2002 were also just plain fun, and neither the readers nor RPGamer's staff were mistaken in their picks for the Most Fun to Play award. Square's Kingdom Hearts captured the hearts of gamers around the world, and as the first joint project between Square and Disney, who could expect anything less than an incredibly fun adventure? The real-time battle system was no doubt a refreshing feature compared to the many turn-based systems in console RPGs these days; lightning-quick reflexes and well-prepared spells were necessary to defeat the game's many foes. The unforgettable characters, whether they came from Disney's colorful cast or Final Fantasy's world-saving heroes, lent to the fun-factor, as well.

Nintendo released The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past / Four Swords to the joy of many last year. The game included two separate Zelda adventures, the first being a port of the original Link to the Past on the SNES with new features. The other game, entitled Four Swords, was the first-ever multiplayer Zelda, and it delivered almost flawlessly. Supporting up to four players, the game was primarily a cooperative experience, with a dash of competition between gamers to top it off as one of the most fun RPGs of 2002.

Neverwinter Nights came in as a runner-up among the staff. It was no surprise that BioWare's masterpiece showed up as one of the most enjoyable RPGs of the year, for the game offered players nearly limitless fun. Aside from the main story and battle system, which in themselves were highly enjoyable, the game included a multiplayer option that allowed up to 64 friends to join up for hours of Dungeons and Dragons action. If that wasn't enough, BioWare included a toolset with the game that allowed gamers to create their very own adventures and release them on the Internet.

The first PS2 entry in Konami's popular series was released last year to mass enthusiasm. Suikoden III's fun factor lay in its variety. There were 108 characters to discover, as well as multiple battle modes to enjoy. It's no wonder why the readers voted for Suikoden III as one of the most fun games to play in 2002, as it comes from a history of good, downright fun games.

When we play games, it all comes down to this single category. The fun level is the central driving force of any game. Role playing games are no exception to this rule, and the level of innovation poured into the genre today is sure to keep us far away from being bored in the years to come.

Most Fun to Play
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Kingdom Hearts
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Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past / Four Swords Neverwinter Nights Reader Runner-Ups
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