Mythic Launches European Beta Testing for Dark Age of Camelot

With Dark Age of Camelot enjoying a successful debut in North America, Mythic Entertainment is now turning its attention to European markets, where the game will soon be released. The company has embarked on an open beta test of the game, which will open for business with three thousand eager testers, as well as journalists selected to cover the proceedings. Mythic plans to run the beta up until the launch of the game in each of the respective territories that will receive it.

Following up on sales of over 150,000 copies in North America, Mythic expects a similarly positive response in Europe. Gamers in France will be able to test the game up until January 21, 2002, when DAoC will be released there. German and British gamers will get even longer to try out the game, since release there is not planned until February 1, 2002.

by Andrew Long    
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